Wireless monitoring solutions for land, liquids, and air!

  • CO₂

  • Soil Moisture

  • Soil VWC, EC, and T

  • NH3, LUX, PAR, + More

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

sensors = (in)sight

Measure, understand, and improve based on valuable data and insights. 


Wireless data collection from up to 3KM away with several years between battery changes. Global access via cloud.

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See and measure what you never have before.

CO₂ Monitoring Solutions

CO₂ monitors can help determine if the indoor air is fresh. High CO₂ levels are a known proxy to increased risk of COVID-19 or other respiratory diseases.

The Aranet4 HOME sensor is easy to use battery-powered CO₂ level monitoring device for indoor use. Tracks CO₂, temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

For larger use cases the Aranet4 PRO or stand-alone CO₂ sensors, paired with the Aranet Base Station provide a robust solution.

Horticulture Sensor Solutions

Monitor and connect your horticultural facilities via Aranet’s extensive sensor ecosystem. Monitor properties including LUX, CO2, IR, Soil Moisture, PAR, and Weight.

The Aranet sensor range is flexible, wireless and dependable. Simply place your sensors, connect them to the base station and begin monitoring immediately.

By installing Aranet sensors, case studies have seen yield increases by up to 20%.

Livestock Sensor Solutions

Monitor and maintain a healthy livestock environment by integrating the Aranet sensor ecosystem. Simply place your sensors, connect them to the base station and begin monitoring immediately.

Measure a variety of environmental factors, including temperature, CO2 and ammonia. Discover deviations sooner and implement preventive solutions.

By installing Aranet sensors, you can improve animal productivity, welfare and reduce disease and infection.


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Protected Cropping and IOT Sensors

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