Monitor office temperature and air quality with ease!

Temperature and air quality sensors are essential tools for businesses and offices that want to create a comfortable, healthy, and productive indoor environment.

With the Aranet monitoring solution, up to 100 sensors can be integrated to an online dashboard via the Aranet Cloud.

Benefits of temperature, and air quality monitoring in business include; 

  • Improved comfort for staff and customers 
  • Reduced health and safety risks
  • Ensured compliance with industry requirements and standards 
  • Reduced excessive energy consumption
  • Notification when HVAC system maintain or servicing in required 

Analyse your data via Aranet Cloud and discover ways to improve the air quality and working conditions of your indoor business environments. 

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Sensors for Businesses


monitor CO2 levels, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure

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An indoor environmental monitoring solution that acts as a gateway, data storage and web server

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PM sensor

Monitor air pollution and keep you safe from harmful particulate matter in the air

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T/RH Sensor

Essential real-time temperature and relative humidity readings

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T Compact Sensor

Business critical real-time temperature readings

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Ensuring Safe Working Conditions for Staff, Clients and Customers

Boost productivity

  • According to Harvard research, low CO2 levels within working environments improves concentration and productivity 

Reduce the spread of illness

  •  Ensure your indoor work spaces are well ventilated by maintaining low CO2 levels, therefore helping to minimize infection risk and spread. 


Maintain safe indoor temperatures

  •  Safe Work Australia highlights High air temperature and humidity as a workplace risk that can contribute to fatigue and illness, hence, it’s imperative to maintain a comfortable work environment.

Ensure Client & Customer comfort

  • Monitoring the air quality of your business space ensures all who enter are safe. 

What are the Benefits of the Aranet PRO System?

The Aranet sensor range is flexible, wireless and dependable. Simply place your sensors, connect them to the base station and begin monitoring. See the PDF attached for further information on sensor section and system connectivity. 

Aranet Product Overview.PDF

Easy set up

Setting up your Aranet monitoring system is quick and easy. 

  1. Place your sensors in your desired locations 
  2. Connect all sensors to the Aranet PRO Base Station 
  3. Begin monitoring

Identify issues sooner

Improve your yield by detecting deviations early on. 

Adapt to your needs

Thanks to the Aranet PRO base Station capacity, you can continue to expand your fleet of sensors as required without the need for extra support.