New Horticulture Scale: Seedling and Plant Weight Sensor Tray

Exciting new weight sensor solution from Aranet and Voshol Techniek now available in Australia

Recognising the fundamental significance of precise weight measurement in greenhouse crop management, Aranet and Voshol Techniek have developed an innovative weight sensor and frame solution. This new sensor solution aims to support growers in managing their crops, providing them with precise real-time measurements.

Benefits of this new sensor solution

This new product was developed in cooperation with Anthura BV. Their case study findings reveal the key benefits of this new weight-sensing solution.

Wireless and Consistent Weighing

Traditionally, weighing seedlings in a greenhouse environment has been both labour-intensive and prone to inaccuracies. Aranet and Voshol Techniek have revolutionized this process by introducing a wireless and continuous weighing solution, eliminating the need for manual measurements.

One of the standout features of this system is its wireless sensors integrated into the frames. This innovation allows growers, to move plants with sensor trays without compromising measurement accuracy, effectively optimizing greenhouse space and operational flexibility.

By employing this precision weighing solution, Anthura BV achieved an essential milestone: weighing plants directly in their cultivation trays. This approach provided more representative readings, thereby enabling precise comparisons and informed decision-making.

The advanced weighing frame, designed by Voshol and featuring adjustable screws at each corner, ensures perfect levelling and prevents uneven water distribution, enhancing plant health and growth.

Efficient Data Collection and Application

Real-time weight data is effortlessly collected via Aranet’s wireless system, empowering horticulturists with up-to-the-minute information crucial for effective crop management.

However, this collaborative effort transcends mere weight measurement. It empowers horticulturists to optimize plant growth and implement precision irrigation strategies based on accurate data. Achieving optimal growth conditions and resource allocation for plants has never been more attainable.


In addition to its data collection capabilities, the Aranet ecosystem offers a user-friendly and comprehensive data management platform. Measure Soil VWC, CO2, PAR, and more with Sensors that effortlessly connect to the base station, which efficiently relays information to the Aranet Cloud. This ensures seamless accessibility to data from anywhere, even in cases of intermittent internet connectivity, thanks to the base station’s data storage capabilities.


To read the full case study from Anthura BV, click here for an in-depth look at the impact of Aranet and Voshol Techniek’s precision weighing solution.

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Aranet Weight Sensor with Frame

Aranet weight sensor with frame is designed to measure the weight of the potted plants and seedling trays.

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Protected Cropping and IOT Sensors

What is Protected Cropping

Protected cropping in defined as the production of horticultural crops within, under or sheltered by artificial structures. These structures provide adjustable growing conditions, protection from pest and extreme weather. 

Protected cropping enables farmers control, and technology provides easier environmental management. 

Benefits of Protected Cropping

In recent months, extreme and unpredictable weather has caused difficulties for farmers, struggling to keep their crops healthy and maintain acceptable yields. Traditional outdoor farming is often subject to varying, and often unfavourable, weather conditions, causing reduced yields and quality of the crop. The use of pesticides and chemicals are often used to combat the outdoor natural environment and protect crops.

However, protected farming offers a range of agricultural possibilities. Structures such as greenhouses and shaded shelters create microclimates, allowing for control over the environmental factors. This level of control allows farmers to protect their crops from pests and diseases, as well as monitor and adjust temperature, humidity and light, for optimum growth. Furthermore, Farmers can manipulate and maintain specific environmental levels to extend the growing season and reduce water usage. 

Sensor Application

Aranet horticultural sensors are the perfect solution for aiding in protected cropping farming processes. By implementing the wide range of sensors, farmers can gain insight into their environmental conditions and use the data to analyse and implement strategies to keep their crops in optimal growing conditions. 

We offer a wide range of sensors, covering a variety of environment factors such as temperature, CO2< soil moisture and light. 

In the protected cropping industry for example, measurements can be taken with Aranet’s LUX sensors (measuring ambient indoor light) and PAR sensors (measuring available light for photosynthesis) providing unique insights into crop growth and performance. Monitoring these factors helps growers adjust light intensity and duration optimally.  Monitoring soil moisture provides data to help maintain healthy levels and reduce over or under watering from occurring. Overall. the data and insight gains from the entire monitoring ecosystem can optimise operations, and help ensure peak growing conditions are maintained. 

Monitor and connect your horticultural sites via Aranet’s extensive sensor ecosystem. The Aranet Pro Base Station allows you to store all of your data in one easily accessible place. Analyse your data and see ways to improve your growing conditions and yield. Aranet makes monitoring and maintaining optimal growing environments easy and accessible

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