Keep students and staff safe with Aranet4!

With the Aranet monitoring solution, up to 100 classrooms can be monitored for temperature, humidity, and co2, and reported on a central dashboard. Via the Aranet Cloud, review and analyse your data. 

The benefits of using Aranet 4 in schools include;

  • Enhanced Learning Environment
  • Ensured health and and safety compliance 
  • Reduce excessive energy usage 

Aranet sensors makes monitoring and maintaining healthy educational environments for staff and students easy and accessible

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Why monitor CO2 in educational environments?

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of good ventilation. Through the use of Aranet4’s reliable CO2 monitoring, safer educational environments can be achieved. The real-time data display informs staff of their classroom ventilation and helps to ensure safer learning environments are created and maintained. 

Reduce Illness

Classrooms are often densely occupied for long amounts of time. Without optimal ventilation, the spread of respiratory diseases rapidly increases. 

One simple method that can be used to determine if a space is well ventilated is to measure indoor carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.

Monitoring CO2 level can therefore help to minimize infection risk by warning you when the air quality deteriorates.

Improve Cognitive Function

According to Harvard research, high CO2 levels can decrease your productivity, cognitive abilities and general wellbeing.

Low CO2 levels within classrooms ensures safety, concentration and optimised learning for students. 

More of Harvard’s Research 


ABC Article

Dr Stephen Snow

UQ Research Fellow 

A recent Queensland University CO2 monitoring study found almost two-thirds of Brisbane classrooms have recorded high risk CO2 levels. 

The study involved placing CO2 monitors in 67 classrooms spread across 16 different school and 1 early childhood learning centre. 42 of the 67 classroom recorded at least one instance of high risk CO2 levels. 

"If you've got a CO2 monitor, you're going to have a lot of … monitoring results. If you've got data and if you can interpret that data, then you can make better decisions."

From the study’s results, lead researcher, Dr Stephen Snow, suggests all Australian classrooms should be fitted with CO2 monitors. He also suggests that this technological addition to classrooms will provide a new educational opportunities highlighting the importance of ventilation. 


Case Studies

Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, Ventspils City Council installed 475 Aranet4 CO2 monitors across all schools and kindergartens in their city. The impact was immediate as real-time information enabled staff to act without delay.