Make your greenhouse smarter!

Aranet Horticulture sensors are ideal for monitoring and maintaining optimal growing conditions and increasing yield in protected cropping and greenhouse environments.

We offer a range of sensors to help measure and improve your growing conditions; 

  • Temperature Sensors
  • CO2 Sensors
  • Soil Sensors (Measure Soil Moisture, VWC, Temperature & EC)
  • LUX sensors (Illuminance meter – measuring ambient indoor light)
  • PAR sensors (Measure light available for photosynthesis)

Data and insights gained from the entire monitoring ecosystem can optimise operations, and help ensure peak growing conditions are maintained. 

Measure a variety of environmental factors, and easily access data anywhere via the cloud. 

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Horticulture Soil Sensors

Soil monitoring via Aranet sensors can provide valuable information about the moisture levels and nutrient content of Soil, Rockwool and Cocopeat.

Measure soil temperature and monitor its impact on plant growth and development.  This data can be used to make decisions about planting dates, fertilizer application, and other agronomic practices. Additionally, monitoring soil temperature can help farmers identify areas of the field with abnormal temperature conditions, such as areas with poor drainage or low sunlight exposure, which may require remediation.

Measure soil volumetric water content, which refers to the amount of water present in the soil as a percentage of the total volume. This data can be used to optimize irrigation practices, ensuring that crops receive the right amount of water at the right time, which can lead to improved plant growth and higher yields.

Measure soil electrical conductivity, which is a measure of the soil’s ability to conduct electrical current. This data can be used to determine the nutrient content of the soil, as well as to identify areas of the field with poor soil quality that may need remediation.

Soil monitoring via Aranet sensors can help farmers make informed decisions about irrigation and fertilisation practices, leading to more efficient and sustainable crop production.

Soil Sensor (WET-150)

Monitor soil volumetric water content, electrical conductivity, and temperature to optimise conditions for plant growth.

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Soil Sensor (Teros-12)

Monitor irrigation and nutrient delivery to plants to optimise plant growth

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Soil Moisture Sensor

Cost-effective that helps to ensure necessary watering level for optimal plant growth

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More Horticulture Sensors

CO2 and Temperature Sensor

Measure CO2 concentration, atmospheric pressure and temperature

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IR Plant Temperature Sensor

Measure plant temperature to calculate vapour pressure deficit

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LUX Sensor

Measure ambient light in indoor environments

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PAR Sensor

Measure photosynthetically active radiation to determine the amount of light plants are exposed to

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Weight Sensor with Frame

Measure  the weight of potted plants and seedling trays to track plant growth and development

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What are the Benefits?

The Aranet sensor range is flexible, wireless and dependable. Simply place your sensors, connect them to the base station and begin monitoring. See the PDF attached for further information on sensor selection and system connectivity. 

Wireless Monitoring – How it works PDF

Case Study

Getlini EKO is one of the most advanced greenhouses in the world that uses LED lighting to grow cucumbers. By installing Aranet sensors, their yield increased by a staggering 20%

  • Increased crop yield 
  • ‘Plug-and-play’ installation 
  • Real-time data all available in one place
  • All sensors within within one structure, removing the need to integrate another 
  • Provides insight into how plants are behaving and reacting to the environment 

Easy set up

Setting up your Aranet monitoring system is quick and easy. 

  1. Place your sensors in your desired locations 
  2. Connect all sensors to the Aranet PRO Base Station 
  3. Begin monitoring

Identify issues sooner

Improve your yield by detecting deviations early on. 

Adapt to your needs

Thanks to the Aranet PRO base Station capacity, you can continue to expand your fleet of sensors as required without the need for extra support.