Integrate the Aranet Sensor Ecosystem!

Aranet livestock sensors are ideal for monitoring maintaining a healthy environment.  

Measure a variety of environmental factors, such as temperature, CO2 and ammonia. 

Factors such as temperature, CO2 levels, CO2, ammonia and ambient indoor light all contribute the livestock health and welfare. Monitoring these conditions assist with improving your livestock’s living environment. 

We offer a range of sensors to help measure and improve your livestock conditions; 

  • Temperature Sensors
  • Humidity Sensors
  • CO2 Sensors
  • Ammonia (NH₃) – Gas Sensors
  • LUX Sensors (Illuminance meter – measuring ambient indoor light)
  • PAR Sensors (Measure light available for photosynthesis)

Data and insights gained from the entire monitoring ecosystem can optimise operations, and help ensure peak growing conditions are maintained. 

Measure a variety of environmental factors, and easily access data anywhere via the cloud. 

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Livestock Sensors

T/RH probe (ammonia resistant)

Accurate temperature and relative humidity measurements in harsh environments

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CO2 and Temperature sensor

Measure CO2 concentration, atmospheric pressure and temperature

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LUX Sensor

Measure ambient light in indoor environments

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NH3 sensor kit

Monitor ammonia gas levels in livestock and poultry farms

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AC Hour Meter

Measure the run time of any device connected to the power grid, e.g. machines, devices or other equipment

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Differential Pressure sensor

Measure the difference in air pressure between two points as needed in HVAC, building automation and Pharma

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Case Study (Poultry Industry)

Balticovo, the largest egg manufacturer in Northern Europe, chose Aranet monitoring solution to ensure their chickens thrive in a healthy environment.

The better you treat your chickens, the healthier and more productive they will be.

  • The Aranet sensor system provides a good indication of ventilation 
  • Sensors can withstand the harsh environment thanks to their robust casing (IP68)
  • Sensors are stable in the ammonia atmosphere 
  • Aranet helps to ensure the health and well-being your chickens

What are the Benefits?

The Aranet sensor range is flexible, wireless and dependable. Simply place your sensors, connect them to the base station and begin monitoring. See the PDF attached for further information on sensor section and system connectivity. 

Wireless Monitoring – How it works PDF

Easy set up

Setting up your Aranet monitoring system is quick and easy. 

  1. Place your sensors in your desired locations 
  2. Connect all sensors to the Aranet PRO Base Station 
  3. Begin monitoring

Identify issues sooner

Improve your yield by detecting deviations early on. 

Adapt to your needs

Thanks to the Aranet PRO base Station capacity, you can continue to expand your fleet of sensors as required without the need for extra support.