Aranet4 app

Access measurement history and customize your Aranet4 from smartphone via Bluetooth


Product description

Tracking CO2 is smart

Easy data management

Are there specific times in the day when the air quality deteriorates more? Which rooms need improved air exchange because they’re always stuffy? Access measurement history and analyze your data in graphic visualizations to see patterns and make smarter decisions about your household’s ventilation needs.


Pair all your Aranet4 monitors with the app and view the measurement data from nearby Aranet4 devices in real-time or later. You don’t have to go to each room to look at the Aranet4 display and see what the air quality is – use the app to access all your data in one place without getting up.


Adjust the device settings to fit your needs. Set your preferred thresholds for the green (healthy), yellow (average), and red (unhealthy) CO2 indicators. You can also adjust the measurement interval to 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes depending on how regular you want the measurements to be. If you want to get alerted when the air quality declines, turn the buzzer on.


Additionally to the CO2, relative humidity, and temperature readings, you can view atmospheric pressure measurements on the app.