The perfect companion for indoor environments allowing you to monitor CO2 levels, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure.

Product description

The Aranet4 PRO sensor is easy to use battery powered CO2 level monitoring device for indoor use. Meter additionally measures temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. It’s equipped with two types of indicators to warn about the state of the air quality.

  • Visual CO2 indicator represents the level of the CO2 concentration in the room
  • Sound indicator alarms if the CO2 concentration becomes too high
  • Connects to the Aranet Pro Base

Small form-factor makes Aranet4 very portable. Take it with you and be aware of the indoor air quality around you!


CO2 Reading Levels

Green represents a normal level (below 1000 ppm)

Yellow represents an average level (1000 to 1400 ppm)

Red represents high level (above 1400 ppm)

*For more information visit our web page and download the user manual


Product Key Features

Tracks CO2, temperature, relative humidity and the atmospheric pressure

Manufactured in the EU

Precise data measurements ensured by the use of the best quality components

Power efficient gadget with up to 4 years long battery life

Ultra-portable form factor and very simple to use

Aranet4 app helps to follow historical air quality data and adjust device settings

Uses the nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor to measure CO2


Technical Specification

Measurements of CO2 (carbon dioxide), temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure

For indoor use only

Made from polycarbonate

Powered by 2 AA Alkaline batteries (batteries included)

Battery life up to 4 years

Data transmission after 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes

Data encryption

Weights 104g (3.7oz)

Dimensions 70x70x24 mm/2.76×2.76×0.94 inches

Operating humidity 0% to 85% non-condensing

Operating temperature 0C to 50C (32F to 122F)