We are excited to announce the launch of SenSite, offering wireless IOT monitoring solutions for land, liquids, and air! In partnership with Latvian company SAF Tehnika, SenSite will bring their Aranet range of innovative sensor products to the Australian market.

With a core focus on the horticultural market, SenSite provides numerous benefits to farmers, particularly in greenhouse settings. With precise monitoring of temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, our sensors help to deliver optimal growing conditions, leading to increased crop yields and quality. Cloud dashboards also allow for real-time data analysis and troubleshooting, saving time and resources.

The greenhouse industry in Australia has seen significant growth in recent years, and it is becoming increasingly important for farmers to have access to advanced technology that can optimize their operations and increase efficiency.

With applications across livestock farming, agriculture, food processing, and environmental safety the complete range of Aranet IOT sensors offers insights across the wider farming and production supply chain.

At SenSite we believe that sensors deliver the data and insights required to make informed decisions and improve outcomes. We are excited to be bringing these innovative sensor solutions to the Australian market and look forward to helping you optimize your farming operations.

SenSite has been formed as a division of ThermoBlanket Pty Ltd. which is a trusted supplier of temperature control solutions to hundreds of industrial, production, and energy companies across Australia and the APAC region.

SenSite offers data insights into problems faced across several industries. Through the application of IOT sensors, users can gain access to accurate live data to make informed decisions. The application of the Aranet range of sensors extends well beyond our traditional industrial markets of ThermoBlanket, so I am excited to launch SenSite as a dedicated source for these solutions.

– Joshua Jager – Director – ThermoBlanket & Sensite

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