Wireless Monitoring with Cloud Dashboard!

Aranet sensors are ideal for monitoring and maintaining optimal conditions within your warehouse sites.

Incorporate IOT sensors into your existing management system and explore the benefits or real-time data. Monitoring internal environmental factors such as, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, ensures safety and efficiency.

 Benefits of monitoring environmental factors in warehouses include; 

  • Improved product quality 
  • Maintained regulatory compliance
  • Improve working conditions and ensured safety 
  • Improve energy consumption
  • Improved operational efficiency

Connect to the Aranet Pro Base Station and Aranet Cloud, and store all of your data in one easily accessible place. Analyse your data and see ways to improve.  Aranet makes monitoring and maintaining optimal environmental conditions easy and accessible

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Warehousing Sensors

Smart Warehouse Sensor Package

Easily monitor environmental conditions within warehouses, staff rooms, and other areas to maintain optimal standards.

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Aranet4 PRO

An indoor environmental monitoring solution that acts as a gateway, data storage and web server

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PM Sensor

Monitors air pollution by measuring the concentration of particulate matter in the air.

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T/RH Sensor

Essential real-time temperature and relative humidity readings for a range of industries

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What are the benefits?

Ensure quality stock

  • Monitor storage conditions to ensure stock is stored in optimal conditions 
  • Set custom threshold alarms via Aranet Cloud and be notified when there is an area that needs attention

Protect workers

  • Monitor and display live CO2 concentration readings with the Aranet4 PRO
  • Real-time CO2 and paticle matter data can show when ventilation needs to be improved 

Analyse your data

  • Connect to Aranet Cloud and view all of your data in one easy to access 24/7 platform 
  • Create custom dashboards to suit your business needs
  • Upload your site floorplan and visualise your sensor locations 
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